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Our mission is to Transform Today's Leaders with powerful and impactful coaching, training, and speaking.

Lou Everett, Owner, CEO

Lou has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Social Services. He began speaking in front of large audiences at the age of 10 and has been influential in the lives of hundreds of people by his energetic and moving speaking and leadership coaching ability ever since. Lou has a background seasoned with direct one-on-one coaching, teaching, training as well as motivational keynote speaking from small groups to assemblies with thousands in attendance.

As a certified Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Speaker, Lou has received and has had direct training from well-known and successful coaches, trainers, and speakers from the likes of John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and others. Lou has been on television, radio, and has a steady podcast spreading the message of Influential Leadership. He is also a Certified Trainer in The Maxwell DISC Method of human behavior analysis.

Lou currently resides in Willow Spring, NC with his wife Sherri of 15 years and two dogs. He has two grown children ages 23 and 21. On his ‘free’ time, Lou enjoys reading, writing, and travel.

Many that have worked with Lou describe him as someone that has "the true heart of a teacher", and "can move an entire room to change their current path by just speaking”.

The mission of 'Transforming Today's Leaders' is not only Lou's passion, it is his personal drive and focus!

Sherri McManus, Co-owner, Chief Operating Officer

Sherri has Master's degree in Organizational Management, and 19 years in management, training, teaching, and coaching. She has skilled and seasoned experience with personal and professional development.

Sherri is a certified Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Speaker and is instrumental in connecting The Lou Everett Group to you and your personal and professional needs. She is also a Certified Trainer in The Maxwell DISC Method of human behavior analysis.

One of Sherri’s passions is telling her personal and inspirational near-death story on the result of poor leadership in hopes of positively impacting the Leadership landscape.

Sherri's passion is seeing that 'ah-ha' moment in the eyes of those she trains and coaches - truly Transforming Today's Leaders!

For more information on The Lou Everett Group visit www.LouEverettGroup.com

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